It’s been a long time…

For all you Barney haters out there, we hope to have things up and running very soon now. It’s been quite a long time, and we’ve decided it’s time to do a bit of ahem technological maintenance. Don’t expect anything new — if newness shows up, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, the elf… Continue reading It’s been a long time…

The Latest Update

The next two stories in the Jihad Universe 3.0 cycle are now available. Go check out the conclusion to the Owsen Arc, Line In The Sand, and the beginning of the For Devil & Country arc, The Day It Fell Apart.

Archives Update

After a period of inactivity, we have two new stories in the Jihad Universe 2.0 collection: Is Jolt Supposed To Do That? by Elena Oorebeek, our first new writer in quite a long time, and Part One of The Amazing Adventures of Recruit Brenner, by Kat Templeton Share and enjoy!


The Archivist is pleased to report that thanks to the efforts of Forum user DopefishJustin, we have the following new stories to add to the Archive: In the Non-Jihad Stories collection, a complete version of Son of Barney. In the Operation Phoenix archive, the following stories: Stabbing Westward, pt. 1 A Gathering of Hosts Dragon-fear… Continue reading Updates

Coming Soon

[Graphic: The following PREVIEW has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES. The film advertised is NOT YET RATED.] [TITLE CARD: August 27, 2004] PRESIDENT JACK GROVER (v.o.) It has come to my attention that there is a terrorist organization operating with impunity within the borders of the United States. They call themselves the Jihad, and they’re… Continue reading Coming Soon


The Jihad to Destroy Barney proudly presents the next installament in the Jihad Universe 3.0: The Return of Owsen saga: Investigations. Warning! Very Large File (230K) Also, the Dramatis Personae page has been updated with the character/author profile for Cecrops Tangaroa.

Archives Update

The Jihad To Destroy Barney proudly presents the first story in the Jihad Universe 3.0 cycle. On An Uneventful Morn tells the story of the sudden withdrawl of B’harne’s forces from Earth in 1999, and the end of the Jihad as we knew it. Featuring cameos by almost everybody who ever was considered a character… Continue reading Archives Update

Is This Thing On?

“Can you hear me now?” Welcome to a minor revision of the Jihad to Destroy Barney’s homepage. We’ve moved from the fairly static front page to a system based on the all-powerful Movable Type blog engine. This way we can provide nice and simple and clean updates, news, and whatnot without having to upload silly-ass… Continue reading Is This Thing On?