The following works of creative fiction are in no way meant to represent nor misrepresent the Lyons Partnership, L.P., or their property Barney® the Purple Dinosaur or any other intellectual properties of the aforementioned Partnership, implicitly or explicitly. The fictional, demonic entity referred to as "B'harnii", "B'harne" and other nomenclature, only loosely based on the Barney® property, is not meant to represent nor tarnish the reputation of the Barney® property. Any potential use of the Barney® name falls within "fair use" as provided by 17 USC 1 § 107.

Warning: This section may contain descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is advised. As always, the Jihad does not condone Real Life violence against the Barney® characters, or any other living being.


The Jihad Universe 3.0 was based on a weird idea the GM had after a multi-year slump in the game: What would happen if the ultimate battle between Good and Evil in the JU was called off suddenly?

The result was JU3.

This game is still in progress.


Prelude: On an Uneventful Morn


On An Uneventful Morn (PDF format)


PART ONE: The Return of Owsen

Calm Before

The Return


Line In The Sand


The Return Of Owsen (all four stories in PDF format)


PART TWO: For Devil and Country

The Day It Fell Apart

99 Hours


PART THREE: Lyran Winter

(coming soon!)