Aris Merquoni

played by: Aris Merquoni

Aris joined the Jihad after doing something extremely stupid: attempting to take on a group of Lyran mages all by her lonesome. A member of a race known commonly as the ‘Galactic Dragons’, she has the ability to cross dimensional barriers. Unfortunately, when she came to this universe, her teleport was rudely interrupted by a Lyran channeling spell. Irked, and intent on taking revenge, Aris plowed straight into the mages’ circle and got fried for her efforts.

Licking her wounds, Aris joined up with the Jihad in order to get a chance to fight back, and there learned about the Hellwyrm and other Jihad lore. After a brief stint in TRES Corps, she decided that the formal military structure wasn’t for her and joined the newly formed Verthandic Rangers. Through diligence and application, or maybe just sheer stubbornness, she rose to the rank of XO of the Explorations division. After the apparent disappearance of the Enemy, she retired to Blanca Mountain to watch over VRDET’s equipment in case it was ever needed again.

Less rash than her early days, and incredibly out of the loop of global politics, Aris is much happier in a straight fight than in a cloak-and-dagger situation, but understands the term ‘overwhelming odds’ much better than she used to.

Aris has a rather fuzzy history pre-Jihad; it is known that at one point she served as a Third-Gunner on a Kzin battleship, and that she was mentored by an anthropomorphic feline deity named Firefoot, but she doesn’t have many non-Jihad ties and doesn’t seem to mind.

Aris is not a professional shapeshifter. Changing into forms she hasn’t practiced gives her muscle spasms and migranes. She rarely needs to.

GURPS character stats

Common to all forms:
Attributes: IQ 12 DX 12 HT 14

Advantages: Ally Group(the Jihad) [70]; G-experience [10]; Magery+1 [15]; Military Rank+7 (Commander, VRDET) [35]; Multiple Forms+4(Natural dragon, winged dragon, small dragon, feline humanoid, human)[20]; Patron(Deity, never around when you need him) [10].

Disadvantages: Duty(to the Jihad, constant) [-15]; Enemy(Barney & Fiends) [-60]; Fanatacism(for the Jihad)[-15]; Hoarding [-10]; Oblivious [-3].

Skills: Language(English)-15; Language(Kzinti)-12; Language(Th-varian)-14; Free-Fall-14; Swim-12; Change Control-12; First Aid-14; Computer Operations-12; Administration-11; Leadership-12; Tactics-10.

Spells: Detect Magic-12; Fog-10; Ignite Fire-10; Lightning-12; Seek Earth(gems)-12; Teleport(ritual)-12.

Quirks: Disorganized; Talks to self; Mood swings.

Total: 233

Natural dragon form:
Attributes: ST: 25 [150]

Advantages: Claws, talons[40]; Penetrating call[5]; Scales(PD 1, DR 1)[28]; Tail [5]; Teeth [5].

Disadvantages: Appearance: Monstrous [-25]; Horizontal [-10]; Inconvenient size [-10]; Poor grip [-5].

Total: 183

Winged dragon form:
Attributes: ST: 20 [110]

Advantages: Claws(talons) [40]; Flight(winged) [30]; Penetrating Call [5]; Scales [28]; Tail [5]; Teeth [5].

Disadvantages: Appearance: Monstrous [-25]; Horizontal [-10]; Inconvenient size [-10]; Poor grip [-5].

Skills: Flight-13

Total: 175

Small dragon form:
Attributes: ST: 15 [60]

Advantages: Claws(+2 damage) [15]; Scales [28]; Tail [5]; Teeth [5].

Disadvantages: Appearance: Monstrous [-25]; Horizontal [-10]; Poor grip [-5].

Total: 73

Feline humanoid form:
Attributes: ST: 14 [45]

Advantages: Claws [-15]; Fur [4]; Teeth [5].

Disadvantages: Appearance: Monstrous [-25]

Skills: Beam Weapons(Plasma Rifle)-11; Brawling-14; Broadsword-11; Gunner(Kzinti starship cannon)-14.

Total: 57.5

Human form:
Attributes: ST: 12 [20]

Disadvantages: Easy To Read [-10]

Skills: Beam Weapons(Plasma Rifle)-12; Brawling-12; Broadsword-12; Driving-10; Typing-12.

Total: 15.5

Total Points (All Forms): 554