Grand Admiral DarkSide

played by: Kirk Felton

Grand Admiral Kirk Felton, Commander-in-Chief of TRES Corps has borne many names throughout his lifetime; Ralph Lamb, Victor Lyon, Greg Lucas, Gregor Bourdon, and many others. But he was born Gregor Lamont, in the year of our Lord 1632 on the Cowal penninsula of what is modern day Argyll in Scotland. For over three centuries he has walked the Earth, following a path laid before him, never certain where it will lead or when-- if at all-- it will end.

Unbeknownst to him, he is the second-generation progeny of an early (and ultimately failed) Lyran experiment to create superior slave-soldiers out of human beings along the lines of Saethrians. This inherited genetic tinkering has gifted him with an enhanced psychic potential which manifests itself as psychokinesis, specifically pyrokinesis. But it also cursed him with the habit of changing into a massive, demon-like entity whever he got angry enough.

His powers first manifested themselves on the eve of his twenty-second year, coinciding with a number of strange dreams and the appearance of the black claymore he carries with him to this day. The sword is sentient, and has forged some sort of soul-bond with him; he suspects that it this bond that is responsible for his longevity, and possibly even for causing his psychokinesis to manifest in the first place.

The next several decades found him wandering western Europe aimlessly, trying to fulfill a destiny that was only vaguely defined. Vampire covens tended to be a favorite target, and he grew a loathing for the various other creatures with whom he shared the night. In France, he found himself caught up in the Revolution, beginning his career as an eternal soldier. It was, after all, much easier to fade out of society as a nameless and faceless casualty of war, allowing him to move on to his next destination. And so the centuries passed. He was witness to Nelson's victory, and eventual death at Trafalgar, taken prisoner himself by the Royal Navy. He was cut down on Gallipoli, with countless other British soldiers. He flew sorties over the south Pacific, Korea and Vietnam, an ace twice over.

Vietnam ended his military career. He wandered the states, making himself a nuisance for whatever paranormal forces were themselves being a nuisance. And then the Hellwyrm arrived.

Gregor will be the first to admit that his initial reasons for joining the Jihad were less than benevolent; he was discovered by then-admiral J. Foxglov while tracking and carrying out a vendetta against a cell of wyrm minions responsible for an assault that left his closest friend in a coma and himself severely injured. A chance encounter with a handful of TRES Corps Alpha Squad operatives introduced him to the Admiral, who saw potential in a man with whom they shared a common enemy. One might have expected a certain amount of trepidation involved in meeting a six-foot yellow anthropomorphized fox, but Gregor, then calling himself Kirk Felton, was all-to-eager to join the ranks of these apparently elite warriors.

He was inducted into TRES Corps Zeta Squad and almost instantly made the rank of Lieutenant, and while he was perfectly happy in the R&D labs developing infantry weapons, he gained notoriety in the intelligence work he did on the side, often using his skill with a pencil to render early impressions of new agents of the Enemy based on first-hand accounts of operatives.

The real trial by fire for him came during the raid on the Pacifica POW camp, where he made Captain and, much to his surprise, found himself in the favor of the the Holy Albino, where he was brought into the ranks of his Maenads, given the name of Nemesis by Windigo the Feral.

The fast track didn't stop there, however. Not long following Pacifica he was transferred to Theta Squadron, where he took up drill instructor duty, eventually being promoted to XO and Rear Admiral of the "newbie squad." Soon it was Admiral, and he was placed in command of TRES Corps Omega Squad.

Having witnessed the performance of the WEDJEE X-Rifle and the various design flaws made apparent during practical use during the Pacifica conflict, Felton took advantage of his new position and returned to his Jihad roots by heading a design bureau tasked with redesigning the X-Rifle. The resulting weapon, now the standard-issue infantry rifle for the Corps and the Jihad at large, is a refinement of the WEDJEE design; it is lighter, more powerful, and far safer to operate.

The height of success quickly devolved into a tailspin when the mantle of leadership was placed up his shoulders. In the wake of Grand Admiral Marburger's disappearance, he was appointed the seat of Second-in-Command by de facto Grand Admiral Melanie Davies. And when the position began to wear on her, the two officers met and agreed to change positions.

And so he sits in the Big Chair, double-diamonds clipped to his lapel. To those that don't know him, they might find him somewhat distant, curt to a point, and always formal. But to those of the "inner circle," he's warm, friendly, and a great bloke to share a stout with. And if you have a stout handy, you're already halfway there.

Interestingly enough, the emergence of the Nemesis entity has all but eliminated the appearance of the demon-beast. In fact, it seems as though Nemesis himself, possibly a separate personality altogether from Felton, might be a hybrid fusion of the human and demon forms. Whatever the case may be, the gift of the Warp seems to have brought a welcome stability into Felton's being, provided that no Lyrans happen across his path.

GURPS character stats

Attributes: ST 16 IQ 11 DX 15 HT 15

Advantages: Acute Taste and Smell+5 [10]; Acute Hearing+5 [10]; Ally Group (The Jihad) [100]; Claws (Talons) (Armor Piercing {50%}) [0]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Divine Favor (Feral Jackson (Infrequent, appears on a roll of 6 or less; -50%)) [13]; Immunity to Disease [10]; Military Rank+8 (Grand Admiral, C-in-C TRES Corps) [40]; Night Vision [10]; Psychokinesis+15 [75]; Regeneration (Regular) [25]; Shapeshifter (Maenad) (Double ST, DX+2, HT+2, PD 1, DR 2 [90], confers the Claws (Talons) advantage and the Stress Atavism disadvantage, both at no cost/gain.); Teleportation+6 [30]; Unaging [15].

Disadvantages: Bloodlust (Lyrans) [-10]; Duty (The Jihad) [-15]; Enemy (Barney & Fiends) [-90]; Guilt Complex [-5]; Magic Susceptibility+5 [-15]; Nocturnal [-10]; Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents [-10]; Phobia: Enclosed spaces (mild) [-15]; Post-Combat Shakes [-5]; Sense of Duty (All humanity) [-15]; Split personality (Nemesis) [-10]; Stress Atavism / Severe/Uncommon [0]; Susceptibility to Poison [-5]; Unnatural Feature (Red, glowing eyes)  [-5]; Unstable Morphism (Warp mutation) [-15].

Skills: Pyrokinesis-19; Telekinesis-11; Autoteleport-14; Exoteleport-12; Artist-16; Language: French-13; Language: German-12; Language: Lyran-9; Guns/TL7 (Rifle)-18; Guns/TL7 (Pistol)-17; Beam Weapons/TL9 (X-Rifle)-17; Two-Handed Sword-19; Brawling-18; Fanning-16; Battlesuit/TL8-15; Electronics Operation/TL8-15; Armoury/TL7 (Rifles and Handguns)-16; Driving (Automobile)-17; Driving (Tracked Vehicles)-15; First Aid-15; Piloting (Propeller-Driven Fightercraft)-17; Piloting (Jet Fightercraft)-16; Blacksmith-14; Distilling-13; Cooperage-12; Masonry-14; Tactics-12); Strategy-12.

Scottish brogue comes and goes when agitated.
Interacts with peers strictly according to protocol when formally "on-duty".
Soul-bound to a sentient Lyran-made sword.
Nemesis smokes; Felton doesn't.
Empathically linked to his wife, Keili.

Total Points: 612