Diedre Griest

played by: Dan DeRosia

Dee is perhaps unique in the Jihad, being a second generation Jihaddi, albeit adopted. She was always incredibly bright and fascinated by technology, and she remembered, literally, everything. Through homeschooling her education was well up to college level in some more technical areas of study by the age of 10. Things changed though. Caught up in a small battle involving the newly formed Blood Jihad, Dee’s parents and her right arm became collateral damage. She was picked up in a sweep for survivors.

Dee recovered from her coma remembering what had happened to her parents. The Blood Jihad watched over her as she recovered and she started tentatively forming bonds with a couple from the Skunk Works division. They genuinely wanted to help her, and they were able to talk shop, one of the things that she knew best. Eventually she asked if she could stay here, with them, and it was allowed. As she opened up more and more Dee started learning new, wonderful things about the Jihad technology. People who at first dismissed her as a kid started paying attention when she had intelligent things to say about their designs. As things got better, she became genuinely happy for the first time since the attack.

That, unfortunately, didn’t last. The reality shifts of Operation WorldWalk had a lot of consequences, and one of those was Dee’s adopted mother ceasing to exist during the tumult. Her adopted father closed himself off after that, and more and more Dee was being raised by the whole Skunk Works, still outwardly as cheerful as ever but hurting. Then the debacle of Operation Phoenix happened, through which Dee escaped only through luck; many of her friends in the Skunk Works didn’t, which only added to her psychological injuries. The final straw came when her adopted father joined the Lone Warrior’s ill-fated mission on the Andromeda. Dee’s mind, already under a great deal of stress, broke.

When the Evil Geniuses and the Blood Jihad formed the Verthandic Rangers, Dee was a mess; barely feeding herself and under psychiatric supervision. With the help of some of her surviving friends, and a few new ones, she improved again. She'd later say that Minerva, the base AI, was one of her best friends... and that she'd developed a crush on Malcalypse. She slowly got back into things and attacked her work with an increasing level of devotion.

At the age of 15, Dee stopped growing and it was finally okayed to fit her with an artificial arm. Due to the extent of damage, it actually had to anchor into a variety of other bones but boasts very precise movement, better strength than her natural arm, and a powerful computer tied into her nervous system.

The black composite arm is Dee's most obvious feature. The 5'2 girl is slender, some would say scrawny, though her face would bring the word "cute" to mind. Her coppery brown hair is cut to a serviceable shoulder length, with her bangs occasionally drifting over her piercing green eyes. Her normal mode of attire is baggy camoflage cargo pants or jeans over black combat boots, and a black synthetic motorcycle jacket a size too big over a t-shirt a size too small. Red skull and crossbones dot her earlobes.

GURPS character stats

Attributes: ST 9 IQ 17 DX 11 HT 10

Advantages: Ally Group (the Jihad)[70]; Appearance: Attractive [5]; Eidetic Memory (+2) [60]; Gadgeteer (Cinematic) [50]; Limb (Arm, DX 16, ST 14, Unnatural: Obvious) [6]; Manual Dexterity (+4, right arm only) [6]; Neuro-Interface Jack [10]; Weapon Mount [5].

Disadvantages: Alcohol Intolerance [-1]; Compulsive Behavior (Speeding) [-5]; Curious [-10]; Easy to Read [-10]; Edgy [-5]; Enemy (Barney & Friends) [-60]; Impulsiveness [-10]; Light Sleeper [-5]; Ophiophobia (fear of reptiles) [-10]; Weak Will(-3) [-24]; Weirdness Magnet [-15]; Workaholic [-5]; Youth(-3) [-6].

Feels naked when unarmed.
Overly excitable when it comes to new technology.
Relies too much on her artifical arm.

Armoury(Battlesuits)-19; Armoury(Firearms)-23; Armoury(Energy Weapons)-21; Battlesuit-20; Beam Weapons(X-Weapons)-13; Blacksmith-16; Chemistry-17; Computer Hacking/TL8-18; Computer Operation-19; Computer Programming-21; Cooking-18; Cryptanalysis/TL8-18; Cryptography/TL8-17; Cryptology/TL8-17; Demolition-25; Driving(cars & trucks)-13; Electronics-18; Electronics(Bionics)-17; Engineer(Electrical)-20; Engineer(Mechanical)-26; Explosive Ordinance Disposal/TL8-23; First Aid-19; Forgery-17; Games(First-person shooters)-19; Gunner-12; Guns(Light automatics)-15; Guns(Pistols)-15; Guns(Pistols, right arm only)-19; Guns(Rifles)-14; History-17; Intelligence Analysis-17; Karate-11; Language(English)-21; Language(German)-19; Language(Japanese)-17; Language(Spanish)-18; Lockpicking-22; Mathematics-21; Mechanic-24; Metallurgy-17; Motorcycle-14; Nuclear Physics-18; Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare-17; Photogrpahy-17l Physics-21l Research-20; Science!-19; SIGINT Collection/TL8-18; Speed Reading-18; Tactics-19; Traffic Analysis-16; Weird Science-19.

Total Points: 228