Malaclypse the Seeker

played by: Sean Breen

Of all the Jihaddi with mysterious origins, none is more mysterious than Malaclypse the Seeker, founder of the Evil Geniuses and VRDET.

Mal was born under a different name somewhere in the western United States between fifty and seventy years ago, where he had a mostly-normal childhood. At some point in the late 1960's, Mal was pulled into the world of the Illuminati. After a whirlwind education in the way the world really works, Mal became one of the premiere Fortean investigators of the time; while he never received any of the press attention other investigators (like Erich von Dankien) got, Mal's field research advanced the Illuminati cause by leaps and bounds. He was placed on the fast track for Secret Master status, and thus spent the years tracking down weird things and securing them for futher study or sequestering in Warehouse 23.

In 1992, while on a routine phenomenon investigation Mal stumbled upon a Jihad/Hellwyrm combat zone in the forests of Maine. Faced with the knowledge that a) some unknown enemy was apparently invading the Earth, and b) there was already a group combating that enemy, Mal called in his report and waited for further instructions.

Those instructions were: "Investigate, infiltrate and keep them out of serious trouble."

In 1994, Mal had aquired enough data on the Jihad that he felt safe to join. He used his personal resources to set up a base of operations, then contacted the Praetor at the time, asking for admittance as a formal research lab. Thus the Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow, Inc. were born. They mostly kept a low profile, inventing a few widgets while giving Mal a better platform from which to observe the inner working of the Jihad. His quiet demeanor and rational way of thinking made him something of a mentor figure to many lowerranking Jihaddi. Deserved or not, Mal quickly became a leader of the group, all the while reporting on it to the Illuminati.

The X'hirjq Invasion of 1996 effectively destroyed the Geniuses: The main operations center was obliterated, and most of the group was killed in action. Malalcypse himself survived mainly by a stroke of exceptional luck. When the Blood Jihad collapsed in 1997, Mal combined his resources with that burned-out org and created the Verthandic Rangers.

Mal headed up the Research division of the Rangers until his recent retirement. Since then, he has acted as a senior advisor to the Jihad leadership, as well as continuing his own research into paranormal phenomenon and the nature of reality. While not strictly a combat officer, Mal has no hesitation to fight if the goal of the Jihad (or his Illuminati patrons) is threatened.

GURPS character stats

Attributes: ST 12 IQ 20 DX 14 HT 13

Ally Group (The Jihad) [70]; Gadgeteer (cinematic) [50]; Illuminated [60]; Imperturbable [10]; Military Rank 7 (Director Emeritus, VRDET) [35]; Unaging [15].

Absent-Mindedness [-15]; Code of Honour [-10]; Curious (Extremely) [-10]; Duty (to the Illuminati) [-10]; Duty (to the Jihad) [-35]; Enemy (B’harne and Fiends) [-60]; Reclusive [-10]; Secret+4 (member of the Illuminati) [-30]; Sense of Duty+3 [-15]; Vow: Great (To build a finer world) [-15]; Weirdness Magnet [-15].

Area Knowledge(VRDET Blanca Mountain)-21; Artificial Intelligence/TL13-20; Armoury/TL8-20; Astronomy-18; Beam Weapons/TL9(Laser)-17; Beam Weapons/TL8(X-Rifle)-17; Computer Hacking/TL8-19; Computer Operation-20; Conspiracy Theory-20; Disarming-21; Driving(Automobile)-17; Driving(Motorcycle)-17; Driving(Tracked)-17; Electronics/TL13-20; Electronics Operation-19; Engineer/TL13-20; Fast-Talk-19; First Aid-20; Games(Poker)-19; Games(Illuminati: New World Order)-19; Games(Baseball)-19; Guns/TL7(Pistol)-17; Guns/TL7(Rifle)-17; History-17; History(Esoteric)-19; Hyperspace Physics/TL12-24; Intimidation-19; Judo-14; Language(English)-20; Language(Japanese)-19; Language(Navaho)-19; Leadership-18; Literature-17; Mathematics-20; Mechanic-20; Mind Block-18; NBC Warfare/TL7-19; Nuclear Physics-22; Occultism-20; Paleontology-18; Philosophy-18; Physics/TL16-24; Piloting (Propeller and Turboprop)-17; Piloting (Subsonic Jet)-17; Piloting (Supersonic Jet)-17; Piloting (Spacecraft)-17; Probability Physics/TL16-20; Politics-18; Research-24; Savoir-Faire-20; Savoir-Faire(Military)-19; Science!-16; Staff(Cosmic Rod)-16; Stealth-16; Survival(rural Colorado)-19; Survival(Urban)-19; Temporal Physics/TL16-21; Weird Science-24; Xenobiology(HellWyrm)-20; Xenobiology(Lyran)-19.

Afficionado of classic Science Fiction (Clarke, Heinlein, etc.)
Collects unusual & anachronistic artifacts
Doesn’t like to get attached
Leaves his pipe unlit
No patience with stupidity
Wears eyeglasses even though he doesn't need them
Won’t talk about his past

Total Points: 589