ArchChancellor Puppeteer

played by: Joe Schneider

Pupp joined the Jihad initially by becoming a member of TRES Corps. He rapidly worked his way up the ranks, and is now a Lieutenant Commander in TRES Corps.

Recently, also, he created the Jihad Praxeum Veneficus. He is the Arch Chancellor of the JPV, and has a rank of 1st Parallelogram.

Pupp is a large man, appearing to be roughly in his early 20’s. Built like an American Football linebacker, he looks like someone not worth messing with. However, he is usually smiling, or at least wearing a smirk, always radiating good cheer.

He prefers to, and usually does, wear vintage clothing. His ensemble of choice is: any one of his many bowling shirts, a pair of loose-fitting slacks, and his TRES-issue combat boots. He doesn’t go anywhere without a black well-worn trenchcoat. The coat has been magically enhanced by Pupp to be able to store (and summon) most anything reasonably sized that he likes.

Always one to keep things light, even in a bad situation, Pupp is well-known as a smart-ass and general dirty-mind by most Jihaddi. It takes quite a deal to get him worked up, and even more to make him lose his temper. However, when forced to act, he tends to over-react or get himself up to his neck.

Pupp is always willing to help a friend, usually going out of his way to do so. Also, he will lean towards a devil-may-care attitude if someone he knows and likes is in trouble. It takes heavy convincing, and sometimes force to make him see reason.

On long campaigns, tense battles, or just any time to goof around, he carries around various magic tricks, cards, etc. to amuse whoever he’s with. He’ll pull them out randomly, or if he’s bored, or if someone looks bored, etc.. He also plays with various small spells (cantrips) he always has ready just to amuse himself. (e.g. Hat out of rabbit, etc.)

Pupp’s chief weapons are his magical abilities. He is primarily an illusionist, and as such, can generate convincing images, smells, and sounds of most anything he’s ever been in contact with or has a concrete idea of. This is limited by range, his stamina, and the intelligence of the target. For example, he can easily convince a sponge that a horde of killer rabbits is approaching, but would have a hard time convincing the Wyrm of the same.

His second primary magical weapon is the ability to conjure. He can produce small non-living objects of his desire easily, and large ones with great effort. The stipulation is that they are non-living, and have to be able to exist in this plane.

Pupp has his trenchcoat-of-many-things with him at all times, and is his only constant. He usually is carring his JihadLinker, various spell components, a 9mm pistol or two, and a CD walkman with CD’s. He spends most of his time commuting between the JPV headquarters in Pennsylvania and TRES Corps main base in Colorado.

GURPS character stats

Attributes: ST 13 IQ 17 DX 14 HT 14

Administrative Rank+5 (Arch-Chancellor of JPV) [25]; Ally Group (The Jihad) [90]; Ambidexterity [10]; Charisma [5]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Magery+3 [35]; Military Rank+4 (Lt. Commander, TRES) [20]; Musical Ability (Saxophone) [1]; Psionic Resistance [2]; Strong Will [4]; Unusual Background: Magic (Family) [10].

Absent-Mindedness [-15]; Arachnophobia (Severe) [-10]; Code of Honor [-5]; Duty (the Jihad) [-15]; Enemy (Barney & Fiends) [-80]; Impulsiveness [-10]; Obnoxious Drunk [-1]; Secret (Member of the Jihad) [-20]; Stubbornness [-5].

Is a bit of a dirtymind.
Plays magician tricks (card tricks, etc.).
Trademark (Coat of Many Pockets).
Fan of vintage clothing, music, etc.

Administration-15; Area Knowledge (JPV HQ)-20; Area Knowledge (Tri-State - PA, WV, OH)-17; Battlesuit-15; Beam Weapons (X-Rifle)-15; Breath Control-14; Broadsword-9; Carousing-14; Computer Operation-13; Crossbow-15; Driving (Automobile)-15; Driving (Motorcycle)-17; Driving (Tracked Vechicle)-13; Electronics Operation (Any)-12; Exoskeleton-14; First Aid-17; Fishing-13; Guns (Pistol)-17; Hiking-15; History-15; History (Magic)-18; Illusion Art-19; Leadership-15; Mechanic (Motorcycle)-19; Motorcycle-17; Musical Instrument-15; Occultism-20; Orienteering-15; Performance-15; Piloting (Mecha)-12; Research-19; Ritual Magic-13; Spell Throwing-19; Sports (Baseball)-12; Staff-17; Stealth-14; Survival (General)-15; Teaching-17; Writing-16.

Alter Voice-18; Amulet-18, Analyize Magic-18; Apporation-18; Aura-18; Block-18; Blur-18; Bravery-18; Catch Missile-18; Catch Spell-17; Colors-18; Complex Illusion-20; Conceal Magic-18; Continual Light-18; Control Illusion-20; Cook-18; Copy-18; Cornucopia-18; Counterspell-18; Create Fire-18; Create Food-18; Create Object-18; Dark Vision-18; Darkness-18; Defelct Missile-18; Delay-18; Detect Magic-18; Dispel Illusion-20; Divert Teleport-17; Duplicate-17; Enchant-17; Enlarge Object-17; Extend Object-17; Extinguish Fire-18; Find Weakness-18; Fireball-18; Flash-18; Hideaway-18; Identify Spell-18; Ignite Fire-18; Illusion Disguise-19; Illusion Shell-19; Imitate Voice-18; Infravision-18; Keen Eyes-18; Know Illusion-20; Know True Shape-18; Lend Health-19; Lend Strength-19; Light-19; Lighten-19; Link-18; Mage Light-18; Mage Sight-18; Magic Resistance-18; Maintain Spell-17; Minor Healing-18; Night Vision-18; Perfect Illusion-20; Power-18; Recover Strength-18; Remove Enchantment-18; Reshape-18; Restore-18; Return Missile-18; Scroll-18; Scryguard-18; See Invisible-18; Seek Food-18; Sense Emotion-18; Sense Foes-18; Sense Life-18; Shape Fire-18; Shield-18; Simple Illusion-21; Sound-18; Spell Shield-18; Staff-18; Suspend Enchantment-18; Talisman-18; Teleport-17; Test Food-18; Throw Spell-17; Trace Teleport-18; Transform Object-17; Voices-18; Weaken-18.

Total Points: 528.5